TSYC prepares for mission trip

Published 1:35 pm Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The Tri-State Youth Choir performed their last local performance of the 2019 season Sunday night at Pump Springs Baptist Church as they prepare to head out on their mission trip later this week.

“This year’s pretty special for everybody,” Choir Director Melissa Dishner said. “We have a lot of new students in the choir and you can kind of see them during rehearsals and their eyes are this big, but many of them stick it out.”

The choir is under the direction of Melissa and Ben Dishner, with help from many others, including Judy Robertson, who with her late husband Edwin, co-founded the choir over 30 years ago. Seth and Tiffany Oakes provide annual assistance, along with Danny Chumley, Daniel Chumley and Jonathan Poore. Many parents and other adults help with the effort as well.

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The choir is made up of approximately 70 students, both male and female, from right here in the tri-state community. There are several churches and schools represented within this remarkable group of youth.

The group completed their local tour Sunday. They perform at various churches here in the community while preparing for their annual mission trip. On their mission trip, the students and chaperones help in group homes, rehabilitation centers and other areas where their help is needed.

“We are headed to Florida, and we’ve told them all kinds of wonderful stories about that 12-hour bus ride. But, the choir does more than just ride a bus,” explained Dishner. “Last year, we had several saved while we were there, several rededicate their lives, several when we came home texting and talking and wanting to know more about different things.”

“We appreciate these young people giving of their gifts, their talents, their abilities, to share with our community and now as they prepare to go share in another state the incredible, unspeakable, glory, and love of God,” Pastor Scott Cannon shared following their performance. “Pray for them as they go on mission, on journey, as they go to Jacksonville to share the love of Christ, not just in voice but in action as they go be the hands and the feet.”

The Tri-State Youth Choir is always in need of monetary donations to make their mission trip possible. To make a donation, you can contact any director or choir member.

For more information, you can call 423-869-8323.