Fire Department taking applications

Published 3:14 pm Monday, May 13, 2019

The Middlesboro Fire Department is now taking applications for the 2019 recruit class. If you are interested in a position in the emergency service field this is your opportunity.

“Our department will be taking applications until May 24,” Fire Chief Robert England said. “Beginning the week of May 27, all applicants will be administered a written test, a physical agility test, and an interview.”

A hiring committee will then select eight candidates to become the 2019 recruit class.

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“The recruit class will last up to 12 weeks and will consist of each recruit becoming EMT certified and C-PAT certified, which is the physical agility test,” England explained. “The eight candidates chosen will attend EMT classes and fire training classes for eight hours per day, 40 hours per week at entry level pay.”

After 12 weeks, five recruits will be placed into full-time service and three will become part-time reserves.

Any additional hires will come from the part-time reserves.

“Full-time entry level fire fighter/EMT starting base salaries is $28,720.64 with benefits that moves to $32,820 after obtaining first year 400 required fire training,” England said.

If there are any questions about applying, England says you are welcome to come by the station and speak with him and he will assist you in any way possible.