Be prepared: KDF, Bell Co. fire officials join national campaign to encourage wildfire and disaster preparedness

Published 12:25 pm Thursday, May 2, 2019

Residents living in high-risk wildfire areas who want to take action to increase their safety but are unsure about how to start can now find the information, and the inspiration, they need to organize and accomplish wildfire risk reduction projects in their community.

Kentucky Division of Forestry and Fire Officials are teaming up with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), State Farm for the sixth annual Wildfire Community Preparedness Day event on Saturday, which will be held from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at The Bell County Volunteer Fire Department, located at 99 Page School Road in Pineville.

“Wildfire Community Preparedness Day is an opportunity for residents and families to learn easy, effective wildfire preparedness tips and meet the people who are on the fire lines keeping us safe. When wildfires arise, not only can our lives and property be at risk, but a firefighters’ safety can depend on our choices, and how we prepare and reduce our own wildfire risk,” says Kessley Baker, Division of Forestry’s Wildfire Mitigation Specialist and Firewise Liaison.

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Preparedness day will involve of a number of activities that promote wildfire preparedness and safety. Through these educational activities, residents can learn more about the importance of preparedness and planning, and the power of wildfire prevention. Activities will include: Smokey Bear appearance, crafts and games, informational booths, bouncy house and firetruck tours

Kentucky Division of Forestry participated in the nationwide event for the first time last year in Rowan County with great success. This year, it is hosting the same event in Bell and Rowan counties. Kessley hopes these events inspire communities to initiate their own wildfire preparedness projects.

Each year, State Farm awards $500 in project funding to 150 communities that participate in Community Wildfire Preparedness Day. For more information, visit