MES spotlights academic teams

Published 11:40 am Friday, March 29, 2019

Middlesboro Elementary School is spotlighting the 2018-2019 Academic Teams following an outstanding year in competition. The Middlesboro Academic Team had an undefeated regular season. They were district champions and regional runner-up.

The Middlesboro Elementary Future Problem Solving Team won first place in the district and the Quick Recall Team was district champion and regional runner-up.

There were several individual winners in the competitions in both the district and regional. At the district level, individual winners include: Rhilynn Rogers, 2nd-grader, first place in Arts and Humanities, first in Composition; Alyssa Mullins, 4th-grader, third place in Arts and Humanities; Jenna Baker, 4th-grader, fourth place in Arts and Humanities; Quentin Robertson, 5th-grader, first in Math, second in Language Arts; Sammie Lin, 5th-grader, fifth in Math, third in Social Studies; Bracken Roberts, fourth-grader, first in Science, fourth in Language Arts; Ethan Muncy, 4th-grader, third in Science, first in Language Arts; Morgan Martin, 4th-grader, fourth in Science; and Tilly Hoskins, 4th-grader, first in Social Studies

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At the regional level of competition, individual winners were Sammie Lin- 5th-grader, third in Math; Alyssa Mullins, 4th-grader, fifth in Arts and Humanities; and Quentin Robertson, 5th-grader, fourth in Language Arts and second in Math.