Hilton returns to Bell County, joins Taylor Family Chiropractic

Published 4:50 pm Monday, February 18, 2019

The Taylor Family Chiropractic Office was established in Middlesboro in 1941, by Dr. Dr. K.D. Taylor, and he operated the office for four decades before his son took over.

Nearly another four decades later, another transition is close at hand.

Dr. James Taylor recently brought in associate Dr. John Dudley Hilton and said he eventually plans to cut back on his work.

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But he never thought he would make it this long, especially not as long as his father’s tenure.

“He had been here 40 years prior to (the transition) and when I started I thought there’s no way that I can do 40 years and be able to handle it,” Dr. James Taylor said. “I might do 41, and then Dr. Hilton would have to do 42.”

Hilton is new to the practice but not to the area. He graduatated from Bell County High School in 2011, before going to the University of Pikeville. He played four years of football there and earned a bachelor’s degree in 2015. He then attended Life University in Marietta, Georgia, finishing in December 2018.

Part of what drew Hilton to chiropractic work was an injury that hindered his college football career.

“I was going through some medical doctors and I couldn’t necessarily get the relief that I needed,” he said. “It was just aggravating and somebody had mentioned a chiropractor to me. It was the first time I ever heard the word chiropractor.”

He conducted his own research and found a chiropractor in Pikeville.

“He started treating me and I got better,” Hilton said. “We became friends and he just talked to me a little bit about the career and he opened my eyes. I started shadowing him and studying, and now, I’m here.”

Taylor said Hilton’s familiarity with the area will be helpful.

“I’ve been looking for an associate for a while and it’s just hard to bring someone into this area that’s not from here, and I feel like it’s a double bonus with him,” Taylor said.

Dr. Taylor said he is not ready to retire, but he is excited to be able to slow down.

Dr. Hilton is the son of Dudley and Jan Hilton of Bell County. Coach Dudley Hilton is one of the winningest coaches in Kentucky and is now coach of the Bell County Bobcats.

Dr. Taylor said Dr. Hilton’s background with athletics and local schools gives them new opportunities to work with high school athletes.

And Dr. Hilton is happy to be back home with his family and friends.

“I’m looking forward to working with my dad and him being able to come in the back door when he wants and just being that close,” he said.

Dr. Hilton said one of the aspects that he enjoys most about the career field is the body’s intelligence to heal itself when properly cared for.

“I love the philosophy that we have an innate intelligence inside of us that God organized,” he said. “To grow, heal, and adapt to the environment. I like that natural outlook that if we can get the body in the state of normal then it can heal itself. It’s definitely more natural and we are in an area that is rampant with opioids and drugs and it’s personal to me.”

Dr. Hilton said he’s had people close to him involved in drug use.

“I’ve had loved ones that went down that road and never came back,” he said. “So, to me it’s personal. I want to give this community the opportunity to go in a different direction when they treat pain, discomfort and stuff like that.”

He said every day is exciting when he comes in to work.

“I can tell you that every day brings something new for us,” he said. “We are asking each other questions and we are just trying to grow and go with it. Every day is really truly a new day for us. That’s fun and it puts a little fire in it.”

Taylor Family Chiropractic is located at 2403 Cumberland Avenue.