KentuckyWired helps veterans

Published 6:20 am Sunday, February 17, 2019

FRANKFORT — The commonwealth’s broadband project, KentuckyWired, is currently installing high-speed fiber optic cable in all 120 counties, connecting state government offices, universities, community colleges, state police posts and many other community facilities. Among these are two of the state’s veterans centers — Eastern Kentucky Veterans Center in Hazard and Western Kentucky Veterans Center in Hanson.

The centers are long-term care facilities, built for the sole purpose of taking care of Kentucky veterans. They provide physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and many other medical services.

Neil Napier, administrator for the Eastern Kentucky Veterans Center in Hazard said, “KentuckyWired’s fiber optic cable will be a tremendous benefit to our veterans and staff here, enabling us to rapidly send and receive medical images and information, and helping us use and maintain electronic medical records.”

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Napier added the current internet service “is very slow, especially when patients are utilizing their computers and laptops. High-speed internet connection is a vital service for our residents to maintain relationships with their family, friends and community. It promotes both mental and emotional health for everyone.”

KDVA Commissioner Ben Adams said, “This structure will complement our veterans centers’ new Point Click Care electronic health care record currently being fielded in a way that will expedite and increase the proficiency of the documentation entered daily on every resident.”

KentuckyWired will enable private internet and cellular companies to bring better service to many underserved locations. It will help first responders and healthcare providers, enhance education, and boost economic development. It will also help to attract companies to build in Kentucky. The completion date for the entire network is October 2020, although portions of the network will be activated earlier.