Bell County 4-H hosting poster contest

Published 10:45 am Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The Bell County Cooperative Extension Service is hosting a 4-H poster contest, a way to give young people an opportunity to express what 4-H is and to show that 4-H is an opportunity for all.

The artwork selected nationally may be used for national 4-H calendars, leaflets, exhibits and displays.

The following guidelines are in place:

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1. Posters must be made by any 4-Her.

2. Posters can be either horizontal or vertical, however, horizontal have more use because they conform to TV proportions.

3. Recommended sizes are 14 x 22 inches or one half sheet poster board.

4. Name, age, full address, county, name of school, and teacher name must be printed on the back of the poster board in the upper left hand corner.

5. Posters should be flat instead of rolled up.

6. You cannot use 3-D pictures, lettering or designs.

7. Posters will be judged and each will receive a ribbon. There will be nine posters entered in the area contest, one each from fourth- through 12th-grade.

8. First, second and third place winners will each win a $25 cash prize.

Posters are due on March 8 to the Bell County Extension Office, located at 101 Courthouse Square in Pineville.

For more information, call the Extension Office 606-337-2376.

Note: Well-known cartoon figures such as Mickey Mouse, Spongebob Squarepants and others cannot be used because they are copyrighted. The Copyright Law prevents the reproduction of such figures in print or on TV by anyone except those who are legally entitled to do so. Poster entries that use copyrighted figures are automatically disqualified.