Positive signs seen in Pineville schools audit report

Published 1:42 pm Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Monday night marked the first meeting of the New Year for the Pineville Independent Schools School Board.

Pineville Mayor Scott Madon was present briefly to swear in the members to the board before he had to leave and go to the Pineville City Council meeting.

The biggest item on the agenda was the coverage of the audit report presented to the board by Barry D. Daulton, CPA, PSC.

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“When we first came, there had been a few things that were of concern,” Daulton said. “The last couple of years, the progress that has been made have been pretty amazing, it really has been. You can never be perfect in a non-profit, you can never make money and you can’t really say, oh we’ve done this and we’ve done that because there’s always something else to do but there has been a lot of progress that has been made.”

Daulton pointed out steps the board is making in the right direction and commended them on their hard work.

He also went over the audit reports and said that there were no findings but there will always be suggestions to continue making positive moves forward.

“We do make suggestions sometimes that can’t be carried out, but most of the suggestions we make can be taken care of,” Daulton said. “There are always logistical problems and sometimes we make suggestions that you add another person, and sometimes you just can’t add another person and you have to take care of things the best you can.”

The board also voted to move their meetings to the third Monday of each month at 5 p.m. The next meeting will be Monday, Feb. 18 at 5 p.m.