Pineville Community Hospital files for bankruptcy

Published 1:58 pm Thursday, December 6, 2018

Pineville Community Hospital Associates, Inc. have filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy with the Eastern District Of Kentucky Bankruptcy Court.

The filing took place on Thursday, November 29, according to documents obtained by radio station WRIL.

At last week’s Pineville City Council meeting, Mayor Scott Madon discussed overdue taxes and it was brought to the council’s attention that the hospital still owed well over $200,000 in occupational taxes to the city.

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The hospital has also been at odds with the Pineville Utility Commission over long overdue water bills.

A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy would not erase any taxes that are due from the hospital to the city.

The PCHA board, which still has some control of the hospital currently known as Southeastern Regional Medical Center, has come under fire of late over an agreement with hospital owners Americore Health, LLC and its CEO Grant White that has led to highly questionable operating practices.

Also, just recently the Ellwood (Pa.) City Ledger reported that Americore acquired a large sum of money to pay off a debt owed by the Ellwood City Hospital operated by the company, yet employees of that hospital, and the one in Pineville, have, in several instances earlier this year, not been paid on time.

The Lee Daily Register also reported recently that Americore Health, LLC had been dissolved as a corporation in Florida where it was registered.

Radio station WRIL contributed to information contained in this report.