Count on voting process

Published 10:48 am Monday, November 26, 2018

When an ice storm disrupts the routine of life, Kentuckians sometimes dream of warmer climates and consider life in places such as Florida.

The best thing about the disruption of power caused by the storm was it interrupted television’s continual reporting of Florida’s inability to resolve some closely contested political races.

Charges and countercharges, the filing of lawsuits and airing of accusations magnified as the days wore on and two of Florida’s largest counties and their election officials again proved their ineptness and disregard for the law.

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Meanwhile in Hardin and Meade counties, local officials ventured to the county government offices to reinspect the vote totals in a state legislative race decided by only six votes. The process moved quickly and flawlessly as each precinct total from each machine was rechecked and confirmed.

The paper records were closely scrutinized, the computer tallies were displayed for all observers to see and the recanvass requested by Jeff Greer was quickly resolved. It again showed a six-vote victory for Republican Nancy Tate in the 27th House District.

Greer expressed his confidence in election workers and in the process. Tate said largely the same thing.

Some people want to tweak Kentucky’s voting regulations and certainly anything can be improved on. But the security and integrity of the process should not be relaxed.

Florida’s disputes about email ballots, challenged registration and assorted allegations of illegalities makes Kentucky’s system of safeguards look exceptional by comparison.

Certainly, the voting system needs to be examined for ways to make it more convenient and encourage greater participation, but it’s important to realize that untying the knot also can loosen security. Let’s move forward carefully and judiciously, because the greatest assurance of democracy relies on our confidence in the secure, confidential voting process.

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