Hobo’s Christmas list

Published 6:30 am Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Hobo the Wonder Dog is all about the Christmas spirit this year as we approach the holidays with tail wagging fun. From manger scenes to Santa Claus — Hobo is ready for the holidays. The Christmas season is dressed in traditions of gold and red ribbons, goodwill and hope in an uncertain world. The season is also filled with excitement, disappointments, and unrealistic expectations—except for Hobo the Wonder Dog. You see, Hobo expects nothing more than love and companionship, a warm meal, a game of toss with his pack as we take in the holiday. Truly, the meaning of Christmas!

For those a little more extravagant for Christmas and their pets—here is what Hobo sniffed out on the latest pet trends. According to the research the top pet trends for 2019 will be: Smart Tech, Alternative Therapies, and Pet Diets / Meals. The trend in high tech toys continues to impress us not only in cost but also ingenuity. First up is the iFetch Too Interactive Ball Launcher Dog Toy @ $199.99 at a major pet retailer. I am not sure Hobo would enjoy this toy. Hobo and I will continue to enjoy the game of fetch the old-fashioned way—I throw, he fetches, repeat.

Next up is the Tagg Pet Tracker. Hobo and I were one of the first for this device when this tracker debuted in the market a few years ago. The Tagg Pet Tracker is great on notifying you when Fido ventures out of a specified area. We found it slow uploading current location and changes when your pet is on the run. Tagg sales in the price range of $100 and a $10 per month subscription service. Hobo the Wonder Dog has experience with this product and recommends it for his pals who are the wondering type.

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Last on Hobo’s Christmas List is the Petcube allowing you to stream in high definition and interact with your pet. I am intrigued with the see, talk, play, and reward your pet remotely. Petcube allows you to fling treats to your pooch while playing games with your bestie. I like the idea of this selections ability to use technology in ways that keep you connected with your pet while you are away. The Petcube retails from most suppliers at $229. I believe this is worthy of being placed on you and your pooches wish list for the times you spend apart.

Black Friday deals this year are sure to be many for Fido. Be careful out there and remember the best gifts of the season won’t be found in a store or an online deal. The best gifts of all will be the spending of time with family and friends. Hobo the Wonder Dog and his pack relish in the time spent together with a romp on the farm chasing smells, birds, and each other. Your trusted pooch will enjoy nothing more than the exciting and rewarding smells of nature and the time spent with you. Get out enjoy your holiday with your trusted pooch—you both will be rewarded.

Holidays are better with a dog—Woof!

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