The gift of helping others

Published 5:03 am Sunday, November 18, 2018

So often we think that we know someone based on the story we have created about them in our minds. We see their outward appearance and base our assumptions about them —without ever really knowing them. How often do we look at the person, but never into their eyes? If we would only look into their eyes, then we would get a little glimpse of their soul.

God put it on my heart one day to help someone in need. Instead of doing what He told me to do, however, I judged the person based on their actions and outward appearance. I walked away feeling bad because stepping into my own self-righteousness never makes me feel good. Afterward, I couldn’t shake the feeling. God reminded me that it is not my job to judge others. My job is just to love them. Right where they are in their lives.

Therefore, when God placed it on my heart to help this person again, I was willing. Still, I was not really happy about it. When I approached him, God told me to look into his eyes. The moment our eyes connected I saw so much pain. Immediately all of my judgments vanished and God blessed me to see the person, instead of the circumstance. I asked him how he was doing. His response, “I’m just trying to survive.” While God blessed me to help him with a certain need, I believe that the man helped me more than I helped him.

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We are not our story or what has happened to us. We are all beloved children of God. We are all just doing the best that we can, at the moment that we are in.

When we see someone in the trenches of life, then we need to be willing to extend our hand out to them and help them. If we can’t help them, then we should bow down with them and pray. When I can live in this place of love, then my own life is so much better.

Candida Sullivan is an award-winning author and inspirational speaker. She has shared her message of hope and overcoming all over the world. If you’d like to know more about her and her message, please send her an email at or visit her website at