Hobo the Wonder Dog’s tips for holiday success

Published 6:30 am Tuesday, November 13, 2018

It seems Halloween kicks off the beginning of a season of too much food, too much drink, too much spending, and way too much of the “ideal holiday season” dancing in our heads. The holidays have become a blitz of comfort foods, socializing, shopping, decorating, spinning many of us into a frenzy of uncontrollable spending, social and family commitments / obligations as we race to the finish line on New Year’s Day. Hobo’s tips for holiday success brings prospective to not only the human element of the season but also a unique viewpoint from the eyes of our pets.

For most of us, the holiday season brings families and friends together with lots of cheer and good tidings. But, the holidays also fill our homes with stress, excitement, sights, sounds, and personalities often changing the dynamics of our happy homes in an instant. For our pets all the holiday excitement can cause anxiety, stress, fear, and feelings of uncertainty. We often overlook our pet’s anxieties during holidays as we are coping and navigating our own nerve-racking adventure. Here are a few ideas from Hobo the Wonder Dog you might find helpful in dealing with holiday stressors:

· Be Realistic: If your dog is not accustomed to traveling outside the home to friends, family, and public places, then it’s probably not a good idea to include Fido at the company Christmas party. Keep your dog’s routines as regular as possible. Strange visitors, overnight guest, loud music, laughter, cheer, food, drinks, and a few high-energy children can tax the nerves of Santa Claus and his reindeers. Be realistic and know the limits of your pet. I recommend setting up a safe zone or room for your pet to escape; tack a ribbon across the doorway with signage to ensure safety and integrity of your pet’s space. Stress increases a dog’s thirst make sure to have plenty of drinking water available. Hobo’s holiday escape is equipped with a water bowl, soft lighting, his favorite crate and bed, soft music, a belly rub, a ball, and a few special treats.

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· Gifts: You can bet your bottom dollar that Hobo the Wonder Dog and his pack have stockings hanging on the mantle in hopes of squeaky toys and treats filled with Christmas cheer. Remember, it is not about the gifts but more about the time spent together. In reality Hobo couldn’t care less about the stocking and more about a hike in the park or a game of fetch. The gift giving is more rewarding for me than the receiving by Hobo. The sharing of time is the best gift of all.

· Routine: I know it is easier said than done—but routine is your best friend during the holidays. Our pets are beasts of habits and keeping their routine as normal as possible will keep the peace, joy, and good will toward all in check. Feeding, walking, and eliminating on their same schedule will make for a happier holiday season by all.

We might be able to learn something from Hobo the Wonder Dog this holiday season; nothing will take the place of time spent playing fetch or a hike over a hill or through the woods. Our pets are the best examples of the true meaning of Christmas—they do not care about politics, the cost of gifts, nor how ugly our holiday sweater. You see, the greatest gift to them is our presence, affection, time, and the joy and laughter we share.

Hobo’s tip for holiday success—love one another and enjoy the season together. Nothing is more important than the time spent with family and friends.

Holidays are better with a dog — woolf!

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