Drawing a line in the sand

Published 6:34 am Sunday, October 14, 2018

The first step for change is to decide that we will not tolerate something any longer. Drawing a line in the sand is powerful. It forces us to try new things. When we raise the necessity in our lives, then we are able to change.

Any time that I get into a slump, and allow myself to stay there, then I am only creating hardships for myself. Every day we need to step back and watch our habits. How are we spending our time? What are we eating? What are we thinking about?

The devil is so sneaky. He slips into our habits. If he can persuade us to drift through our days, eat bad foods, think self-destructing thoughts, and not care about ourselves or others, then he can defeat us. While he can’t make us do anything, he can certainly influence us.Therefore, we need to watch and pray. We need to take inventory daily and be the overseer of our own lives. No one else is responsible for our lives. God gave us the beautiful gift of our lives, and He wants us to enjoy it.

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So often we get stuck in negative cycles, and we allow the negativity to steal our joy. We end up just trying to make it through the day, instead of really living. I’ve been stuck in a cycle of exhaustion—always thinking that I’m so tired. The enemy has used my thoughts to defeat me. However, when my house was damaged by water, I didn’t have the luxury of sitting on the couch every evening. I’ve had to work in the evenings. It has helped me to break my cycle of thinking that I am too tired to do anything in the evenings.

Lastly, we get to decide how we want to feel about something. The work has to be done whether I want to do it or not. Instead of resisting it and hating every moment of it, I can choose to enjoy it. I can sing and pray while I do it. I can enjoy spending time with my husband, my son and my neighbor that is helping me. When I have learned what God sent this trial to teach me, then it will be over. Fighting against it and trying to hurry through it is what is causing my heartache. I want to enjoy the journey.

Candida Sullivan is an award-winning author and inspirational speaker. She has shared her message of hope and overcoming all over the world. If you’d like to know more about her and her message, please send her an email at candidasullivan@yahoo.com or visit her website at www.candidasullivan.com.