Witnessing a bouquet of humanity

Published 6:00 am Friday, October 5, 2018

Washington, D.C. was not at all what I expected. Growing up right outside of Chicago with an incredible skyline of skyscrapers along Lake Shore Drive, I had always imagined our nation’s capital to be like that – bigger than life. It wasn’t. There were no sky scrapers and there was a small town feel like Lexington or Knoxville.

A group of ladies from southeastern Kentucky embarked together on two buses from Knoxville Tours with one purpose in common. We had been praying, fasting, and believing that if we joined together with women across this nation in prayer in the actual capital of our great country, God would hear from heaven and our presence and prayers would have an impact. Although we did not see an immediate impact, that doesn’t mean that one wasn’t made. It certainly impacted those who made the trip!

I am amazed at the timing of this event, planned at least a year ago in advance. I am aware of one date change, but there may have been others necessary before locking in this date of Sept. 29. We believe it was a divine appointment.

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You might ask yourself, “Was the date really important?”

No one could have known, except God, the battle that would be going on to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court of our land. Perhaps more important than a presidential election in its own way is filling this seat. The person will not be limited to an eight-year maximum term, but to a lifetime of 20-40 years on the bench and the opportunity and responsibility of shaping law and policy for our nation. I cannot say whether Dr. Ford or Mr. Kavanaugh is telling the truth with absolute certainty, but our prayer was that truth would prevail and that God would expose that truth and the lies whichever way it went. So, we were there by God’s timing to seek His justice and mercy in this situation for two people who have been caught as pawns in a political battle, with both of their lives forever changed whether guilty or not. When the schedule was drawn up, no one could have foreseen this dark drama.

We also happened to be there at the same time the Arch of Baal was on display in front of the Capital building. The following is a quote from One News Now, “The Arch of Baal (Beelzebub or Satan) – also known as the Arch of Palmyra – was reconstructed at the Capitol Mall in Washington, D.C., on Thursday and displayed through Sunday, allowing spectators to marvel in the pagan false god of power, fertility and child sacrifice worshiped by the apostate Queen Jezebel of the Bible and ancient Phoenicians and Canaanites.” At the same time this gateway to hell was being celebrated, we were there praying for the loss of the 60 million unborn children through abortion and repenting for our nation’s turn away from the things of God.

When I checked the internet for events in Washington, D.C. on Sept. 29, I found no reference to the Deborah’s Voice women’s prayer gathering event on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, although it was open to the public and free of charge. Among the speakers was Billy Graham’s daughter, Gi Gi. One would think that would in some way be noteworthy to Washington citizens and tourists.

The most beautiful part of the event to me was having women of all backgrounds, ages, color and ethnic origin present and engaged with the purpose of praying and sending our prayers up to God in agreement and unity. I believe God enjoys it when a bouquet of humanity comes together to call on His name. I’m so thankful that my first trip to Washington, D.C. was to be part of this historic event.

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