Tazewell brothers conquer Nashville Spartan Sprint course

Published 8:05 pm Tuesday, September 25, 2018

When a Spartan Race is mentioned, rest assured a physically fit person has just had a special moment to reflect on the rest of his or her lives. That’s the case for two brothers out of the Little Sycamore community in Tazewell, Tennessee.

Perrin and Thoren, sons of Jay and Iris Heselschwerdt, had been training about two and a half months for the the Nashville Team Spartan Sprint located at 520 Milky Way Rd, Pulaski, Tennessee.

There were 2,967 people that attempted the race which is comprised of 25 crazy-difficult obstacles over a distance of 4.5 miles. The race is grueling and tests not just the physical fitness of the athlete but also the mental toughness. Finishing the Spartan is something any athlete would be proud of. The two brothers not only finished but they finished strong. Perrin completed it just a bit faster than his brother. Perrin’s time was 1:19:03 which was good enough for 163 overall. Thorin’s time was 1:19:46 which was 172 overall. They had one more team mate from Greeneville, Tennessee. Benjamin Carpenter finished 170 overall.

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The Spartan is a rough and tough event that many competitors will not complete and to even earn those finishing medals is a monumental thing to be proud of.