Tired of media prejudice

Published 6:00 am Friday, September 14, 2018

I try to avoid political commentary. I am not a Donald Trump fan. I surely wasn’t a Hillary Clinton fan. I was disappointed at election time that our country didn’t have better, more qualified candidates with more positive track records to set forth as candidates.

I am registered under one party but may very well decide to change parties because of the bashing that has taken place since before the election ever took place. When the unexpected happened and Donald Trump won by election, the presidency of these United States, a hate movement quickly formed to undermine and destroy the president before he could ever take office. It is the most incredible show of partisanship I ever recall in my lifetime.

I personally wish our president (and he is our president no matter who wants to say he isn’t) would stay off of Twitter. I wish he didn’t wear his ego like a cloak and an invisible crown on his head. However, I don’t think there are many human beings on this planet that could stand up to the constant belittling, slurring, and negative publicity this man has had to put up with.

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Even as I write this column, I’m listening to a news reporter disrespect the vice president whose obvious effort is to get him to undermine the president. She asked a question, then has not the courtesy to let him respond without speaking over top of him. She is trying to put words in his mouth without ever listening to what he’s saying.

Never, in my memory, has the media been so biased. They did not get this way after the election, but were there to downgrade and display their contempt long before the election results came in. There is a major breakdown of the understanding of the media’s role to deliver unbiased news, and the power the media has taken to try to destroy the presidency and form public opinion.

In all sincerity I ask myself and put this question forth. If Hilary Clinton had won the election, would she have been demonized and challenged about every decision and every word that came out of her mouth? Was former President Obama subject to such scrutiny and prejudice?

I am not defending President Trump in his political views. I am defending the fact that he is our sitting President of the United States and should be given the respect and support of his office. Every slur, every comedic sketch, every opportunist who thinks they can make money from destroying this man, every outrageously biased media statement about him, not only diminishes the man, but also democracy. In an effort to eradicate the man, those guilty of this stone throwing attack on him also diminish our nation in the world view. The “chaos in the White House” has largely been created and exploited by the media frenzy and attitude of “we don’t like the outcome of this legitimate public election, so we will destroy the man, the party, and the White House under his term.”

How does this benefit anyone in either party? How does it benefit our nation on the world stage?

It is as if a pack of wolves have been set loose on one man who is getting pushed further and further into a corner. A lesser man would have already crumbled under the weight of responsibility and constant public criticism. The whole ploy may backfire.

Every president throughout our nation’s history has needed the prayers of men and women to support them and guide them in the White House, regardless of party, race, religion, or gender. This president especially needs such support.

I recently read an anonymous quote. “One who is appreciated always gives more than expected.” With this president, I believe it is time to shine the light on what he has done right. The results would have to be better than our current state.

Reach longtime Enterprise columnist Judith Victoria Hensley at judith99@bellsouth.net or on Facebook. Check out her blog: One Step Beyond the Door.