Liz Levitt drops by

Published 11:03 am Friday, September 14, 2018

As showtime was about to kick off for the penultimate show in this years Levitt AMP Middlesboro Music Series, rain yet again came pouring down to water log the performance.

Despite the dark skies and incessant rain, the show went on, just with a bit of a delay.

The unfortunate weather did not deter the special guest Middlesboro received in Elizabeth Levitt Hirsch, however.

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Hirsh took some time to speak with the media about Levitt and and what it means to herself and the communities it affects.

“We’re beyond proud. We see that the program works so effectively, that the leadership in Middlesboro really understands the heart and soul of the community and music. The growth is phenomenal. We couldn’t be more proud of what’s going on here in Middlesboro,” said Hirsch.

When asked how she saw the Levitt AMP concept evolving as it moves forward with other communities, Hirsch stated “We’re going to point to Middlesboro and say ‘this is what we’re going to do.’

“The mission of the Levitt Foundation is to bring people together of all backgrounds and build community to the power of free, live music. Our model has grown with the success that we see in towns and cities across the country,” she continued.

The theme of the Levitt AMP Music Series is “the transformative power of music” and Hirsch spoke to that theme by stating “It’s in our DNA. Music brings up together. Music is the universal language…think about a moment when music has brought you to higher place or when music has brought you through a difficult time or music has brought you through times of joy. Music is the universal language and we embrace that. We’ve seen it’s transformative powers in community after community after community.”

Hirsch also stated how amazed she was at the craft, effort and time that local sponsors showed with the construction and continued improvement with the Levitt Lot.

“I think the leadership here is outstanding…it’s a beautiful setting to bring people together. People are coming from across the region, which is great. I love it,” she said.