Reopening a community staple

Published 6:06 pm Monday, September 3, 2018

A staple in the Pineville community has been reopened thanks to some new owners. Billy and Linda Baird held their official ribbon cutting for the Flocoe on Friday. Due to a prior incident, the business had been shut down. After purchasing the historic restaurant, they reopened it in late-July.

“It went really well,” said Billy Baird about the ribbon cutting. “A lot of our friends and influential people in the area came in, and it was actually better than I expected. I’m glad to know that we have the kind of support that we have now. It’s just exciting to know we have people supporting us.”

The Bairds’ love of history played a part in the couple’s desire to purchase the restaurant.

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“After the incident took place with the former owner, (the Flocoe) had basically sit over here for about three or four months. It was really missed here in Pineville,” said Billy Baird. “My wife and I, we love history. We love the history of the building (and) we love the history of the Flocoe. We talked two or three times about how it’s a shame that it just sit here not in business. We just seen that there was a need to be open here.”

After some deliberation, the couple approached a friend, took care of “some things,” and were able to make the purchase.

“We’re just proud to death to be able to say that we own the Flocoe,” said Billy.

There aren’t many changes planned for the restaurant. Billy said they have added a few things to the menu and made a few tweaks, but that is about it.

“We’re trying to keep everything the same as much as possible because people seem to just love what it once was,” said Billy.

Since reopening the business, the co-owners said it’s been up and down but mostly up.

“I can’t really complain. We’ve had a really good turnout (and) really good support from the community,” said Billy. “We love it.”

The Flocoe is located at 122 W. Kentucky Avenue in Pineville.