Lindsay helping protect Kentucky forestlands

Published 4:27 pm Thursday, August 16, 2018

HARROGATE, Tenn.— Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) graduate Derrick Lindsay is a forest steward for the Kentucky Natural Lands Trust (KNLT) responsible for management, upkeep, educational and professional services for forestlands near Pineville.

“My job is very unique because my workdays are very fluid,” Lindsay said. “This past week I conducted eastern spotted skunk research, talked with neighboring landowners, talked with the caving community about a partnership with KNLT, and collected lichens on Pine Mountain. Next week will be different.”

From monitoring nature preserves to attending conferences, Lindsay spends the majority of his time outdoors experiencing and interacting with the environment to help others enjoy it even more.

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“It is satisfying knowing that I am contributing to protecting, connecting and restoring Kentucky’s natural beauty to the local community and those visiting rural Kentucky,” Lindsay said. “It pleases me to continue to spread the knowledge of the land and spark those around me to get involved in their community and nature.”

Lindsay is a 2012 graduate of LMU with a bachelor’s degree in biology. In August 2018, he will graduate with a master’s degree in environmental policy and management with a concentration in fish and wildlife management from American Public University. His lengthy list of certifications and specialties includes everything from firefighting and first aid to chain saw operating and defensive driving. Lindsay has earned credentials for operating an ATV and setting traps for animals, both large and small.

“In this line of work, more is better because it allows you to incorporate many skills all over the spectrum,” Lindsay said. “The degree I earned at LMU has allowed me to excel in my current and former jobs.”

Since graduation, Lindsay has also worked for the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park and the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources as a technician responsible for a variety of research, maintenance, surveying, trapping and related duties.

While earning his degree he accumulated hands-on experience traveling abroad with LMU professors and classmates. He went to Northern Thailand to research mushrooms in tropical forests and to Kenya to study slime molds in the grasslands. He also studied slime molds in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and travelled to Belize in Central America for biology coursework.

As a student at LMU, Lindsay also stayed active as member of the cross country team, serving as captain and earning conference honors multiple years. He was a Lincoln Ambassador, president of the LMU High Adventure Series, vice president of the LMU Earth Club and was a residential director.

Lindsay and his wife Stephanie have recently purchased property in Middleboro and they have a puppy named Zoey.

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