Cruisin’ the Chained Rock

Published 1:31 pm Thursday, August 16, 2018

Middlesboro has been hosting car shows at the Middlesboro Mall for years now with the Cruisin’ the Crater event —where classic cars and trucks have been displayed by their proud owners.

Their neighboring city, Pineville, is about to host their own car show this month – hopefully the first of many.

The event called Cruisin’ the Chained Rock promises to be a classic car and truck show.

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The event will take place on Main Street in downtown Pineville. Door prizes, music and food vendors will be there. Motorcycles are welcome.

The show will begin Aug. 25 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Joseph Jordan, one of the event’s organizers, stated the idea for the show started as just some friends hanging out.

“The reason we choose Pineville is it is a small community. There’s not a whole lot to do. But, there is a few people in the area that loves cars and it gives the community an event to come to that’s kid and family friendly,” said Jordan.

Not only is this car show going to be an ongoing thing, Jordan said that they hope to do it once a month during the warmer time of the year.

While many of the cars and trucks that can be seen at the show will be native to Pineville, there will also be people coming from out of town from places such as Tazewell, Corbin and Harlan County.

“In my honest opinion, cars are a way of life. When you customize a car it really reflects a side of you. It’s not just a machine that gets you place to place. It’s an enjoyable hobby,” said Jordan.