Hobo’s house cleaning tips

Published 6:30 am Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Hobo’s idea of house cleaning is watching me do all the work. I do give him credit for watching my every move at least most of the time he watches enthusiastically. I seldom get upset with messes animals make — I take it in stride knowing messes come with life. Dogs, cats, horses, and even humans make a lot of messes that require attention. Being prepared for messes as they occur is half the battle of keeping a fresh clean smelling home and your sanity.

Hobo the Wonder Dog can make the best of the all dreaded dog smells. Grace wins the award for the most encounters with her favorite nemesis — the skunk. Skyler, well she is simply perfect or should I say she perfectly blames others or has impeccable timing to exit the scene of the crime while acting just as surprised as I am of the mess. I find it quite humorous when our pets seemingly know when things are out of sorts and then change their expressions as if to say — who me?

The biggest mess of pet ownership is pet hair. There are a few breeds of dogs and cats that do not shed but not many. The terriers in our home do not shed as much as some and frequent grooming keeps shedding to a minimum. Hobo the Wonder Dog sheds more than the other two dogs combined. Hobo and I recommend the following products to keep your home clean and fresh.

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1. Dyson® Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner. Vacuum cleaners are not all created equal. I have found this vacuum to do a better job than brands I have previously used. From my experience this vacuum has enough suction to dig deep into the carpet and remove the most stubborn hair.

2. Evercare’s Pet Hair Extra-Sticky Lint Rollers. I have these must haves almost everywhere. I use them to remove hair from car seats, carpets, and clothing. This is a bargain at less than $3.00 each and a must-have.

3. Bissell® Proheat 2X Revolution™ Deep Cleaner. By far, this is my new favorite product bar none. This carpet cleaner was an impulse purchase for me. I had seen this tool advertised but, I was skeptic. I had my carpet professionally cleaned and I was not as satisfied as I am with this product. I was looking at replacing carpet and this product has me reconsidering. This machine cost me less than having two rooms professionally cleaned.

4. Natural Chemistry® Skunks Etc. I am probably the only person who needs this item on auto ship — but, yes indeed. Think about it, skunks are usually out at night and when you least expect it and least prepared to deal with this catastrophe. Home remedies and internet recipes, I promise you they are not as effective as this product — I know I have tried most of them. Skunk messes are the worst, it not only involves your pet but, your carpets, upholstery, and your clothing.

Life is messy! Being prepared for whatever mess your pet may bring, makes clean up no big deal. Bathing a large dog like Grace when planned is a tough job. Bathing a large dog late at night after a romp with a skunk can be challenging to your sanity. Bissell® has “revolutionized” my preparedness plan for whatever Hobo and his pack may bring to our floors — saves time and money. A Lint roller and a strong vacuum makes daily pet hair challenges manageable.

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