Pineville council addresses farmers’ market

Published 10:40 am Monday, August 13, 2018

The Pineville City Council held a special-called meeting recently to discuss various agenda items.

One of the key items was an update on the farmers’ market Pineville man Josh Robbins is spearheading.

Last October, Robbins first addressed the council about a farm to table market for downtown Pineville and the council was receptive to the idea.

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“Farm-to-Table” usually means that the food on someone’s plate came directly from a farm and didn’t go through an array of middlemen such as a market or a distributor to end up on said plate.

Robbins would like to create a market specific to Pineville, where vendors can sell wholesale to the public where they could provide seasonal goods to the public such as Christmas trees, flowers and other items.

In his original address to the council, Robbins outlined the layout and design of the market to the council.

“There won’t be any dirt exposed. It’s kind of like urban farming where you can produce more on less ground, and you don’t have to work as hard. You don’t see the dirt, it’s not as messy,” he said.

Robbins also originally stated the plan was to establish a relationship with local growers to where they can deliver their product for the market to sell and become profitable for all involved.

The market is called Wrangler Farms and is now open for business. Robbins addressed the council regarding a lease extension and a grant he received from NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Services) to build a large greenhouse called a high tunnel. This installation would, according to Robbins, be open year round.

The council agreed to pursue the lease extension with Robbins.

In other business, the council discussed recently clean-up and infrastructure efforts in Pineville. Roads have been repaved, trash cleaned, and overall beautification has been taking place.