Bell County Fair open exhibit winners announced

Published 5:19 am Sunday, August 12, 2018

A total of 113 exhibits were on display during the recent Bell County Fair. Exhibits were registered and set up by the Bell County Cooperative Extension Service staff. Judges were then brought in to judge the entries in eight divisions. The Bell County Fair Board provided ribbons and premium money for the first, second and third place winners for entries in the following divisions:


Buckeyes, Gabriel Cordes, blue

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Dill Cucumber Pickles, Theresa Williams, blue

Bread & Buttler Pickles, Theresa Williams, blue

Blackberry Jelly, James Brown, blue

Plum Jelly, James Brown, blue

Pepper Jelly, Theresa Williams, blue

Pear Jelly, Ierusha Martin, red

Strawberry Jam, Jerusha Martin, red

Raspberry Jam, James Brown, blue

Apple Butter, Theresa Williams, red

Apple Butter, Ierusha Martin, blue

Apple Butter, James Brown, white

Apple Butter, John Brock, participant

Salsa, James Brown, blue

Salsa, Theresa Williams, red

Dried Apples, John Brock, blue

Dried Apples, Theresa Williams, red

Dried Beans, John Brock, blue

Muscadine Jelly, John Brock, red

Blueberry Jam, Theresa Williams, blue

Miscellaneous, James Brown, white

Carrots, Theresa Williams, participant

Hot Peppers, Ierusha Martin, red

Banana Peppers, Theresa Williams, blue

Banana Peppers, Ierusha Martin, red

Sweet Mixed Peppers, Ierusha Martin, blue

Apples, Ierusha Martin, red

Chow Chow, Ierusha Martin, blue

Chow Chow, Theresa Williams, red

Blackberry Juice, James Brown, blue

Pickled Okra, Theresa Williams, red

BBQ Sauce, Ierusha Martin, red


Small Crocheted Article, Barbara Hoskins, blue

Medium Crocheted Article, Barbara Hoskins, blue

Medium Crocheted Article, Teresa Baker, red

Medium Knitted Article, Roberta Dean, blue

Decorative Pillow, Barbara Hoskins, blue

Cross Stitch on Specialty Cloth, Loren Spalding, blue

Snowflake, Barbara Hoskins, blue


Embellished Clothing, Josie Sproles, blue

Knitted Scarf, Roberta Dean, blue

Purse, Josie Sproles, red

Hand Bag, Josie Sproles, blue


Handmade Jewelry, Teresa Baker, blue

Woodcraft Small, John Brock, blue

Woodcraft Medium, John Brock, blue

Woodcraft Medium, Jonah Calvert, red

Woodcraft Medium, Stella Calvert, white

Woodcraft Large, John Brock, blue

Miniature Carvings, John Brock, blue

Winter Decorations, Teresa Baker, blue

Winter Decorations, Barbara Hoskins, red

Spring Decorations, Teresa Baker, blue

Spring Decorations, Barbara Hoskins, red

Fall Decorations, Barbara Hoskins, blue

Painting Acrylic on Canvas, Sherrie Sanders, blue

Painting Acrylic on Canvas, Landon Eldridge, red

Painting Acrylic on Canvas, Shelia Key, white

Painting Acrylic on Canvas, Barbara Hoskins, green

Painting Acrylic on Canvas, Susan Brown, green

Recycled Article, Sheila Key, blue

Recycled Article, Barbara Hoskins, red

Ceramics Decorative, Shelia Key, blue

Stamped Item, Teresa Baker, blue

Wall/Door Hanging, Barbara Hoskins, blue


3 Green Tomatoes, Josh Robbins, blue

3 Green Tomatoes, John Brock, red

12 Pods Bush Beans, John Brock, bue

1 Head of Cabbage, John Brock, blue

3 Zucchini Squash, John Brock, blue

1 Head of Broccoli, Josh Robbins, blue

3 Banana Peppers, Josh Robbins, blue

3 Banana Peppers, John Brock, red

3 White Potatoes, John Brock, blue

3 Red Potatoes, John Brock, blue

6 Radishes, Josh Robbins, blue

3 Blueberries, Josh Robbins, blue

3 Red Raspberries, Josh Robbins, blue

3 Red Raspberries, John Brock, red

3 Black Raspberries, John Brock, blue


6 brown eggs, Anna Miracle, blue

6 brown eggs, James Brown, red

6 brown eggs, Barbara Hoskins, white


Cactus, Shelia Key, blue

Cactus, Theresa Williams, red

Cactus, Mike Hoskins, white

Potted Annuals, Mike Hoskins, blue

Potted Annuals, Shelia Key, red

Potted Annuals, James Brown, white

Dish Garden, Barbara Hoskins, blue

Rose, Mike Hoskins, blue

Rose, Shelia Key, red

Hibiscus, Shelia Key, blue

Marigold, Shelia Key, blue

Dahlia, Shelia Key, blue

Lily, Barbara Hoskins, blue

Miscellaneous, Theresa Williams, blue


People, Teresa Baker, blue

People, Shelia Key, red

Animals, Evan Miller, blue

Animals, Teresa Baker, red

Animals, Gabriel Cordes, white

Flowers, Teresa Baker, blue

Flowers, Ralph Baker, red

Landscapes, Shelia Key, blue

Landscapes, Evan Miller, red

Landscapes, Teresa Baker, white

Landscapes, Gabriel Cordes, participant

Miscellaneous, Evan Miller, blue

Miscellaneous, Teresa Baker, red

Miscellaneous, Jacob Cordes, white

Miscellaneous, Jacob Cordes, participant

Black and White, Gabriel Cordes, red