First Middlesboro Main Street forum held

Published 2:06 pm Monday, August 6, 2018

Every fourth Tuesday at 6 p.m. at the Alexander Arthur Museum on Cumberland Avenue, Middlesboro Main Street will be hosting a community forum for anyone who would like to attend.

Recently, the very first meeting was held and the organization and much was discussed that will continue to be addressed as the forums go on.

One of the topics was new events that could take place in Middlesboro. Some suggestions included showing films on the Levitt Lot when the concert series is not taking place, an Easter Parade, a Saint Paddies Day celebration and a local musician night at Levitt Lot.

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In order for Middlesboro to continue to grow, a list of strengths and weaknesses was compiled at the meeting.

Among the strengths noted was the city’s history, it’s sense of southern hospitality, the surrounding boosts to the community such as the Cumberland Gap National Park and Lincoln Memorial University, SKCTC, the city’s position on U.S. 25E and the close proximity to other communities, the dedicated people and organizations focused on revitalizing Middlesboro, the current and ongoing list of special events, the school system, the sense of community and other things.

Negatives listed were parking issues on Cumberland Avenue, the lack of landscaping upkeep, low property values and controversial subjects such as suboxone clinics and the drug problem that faces the community.

With the various pros and cons, a list of opportunities was hammered out, such as the potential for grants, partnerships with entities such as LMU, potential new business growth, establishing a retirement community, the farmers market and a host of other things.

With these topics and more, Middlesboro Main Street intends to discuss all of the points brought up by the community at the next forum and decide on what direction main street can take to comprise these into action plans for the future.