Lone Jack students learn about nursing

Published 3:48 am Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Lone Jack School Center FRYSC invited Terri Jackson from Southeast Community & Technical College nursing program to speak to the eighth grade class during the school year. Jackson brought one of her students, Jarrod Slusher, to also speak to the students.

Jackson informed students of the the importance of making good grades and making sure they scored high on the ACT Test at the high school level. She informed them if the scores were too low, they would not be able to get into the program.

Jackson also advised them what subjects to take in high school to help them in this field. When they become a junior and senior, they could attend vocational school to work as a CNA and already have that degree before graduating high school.

This would give students an opportunity to work at nursing facilities and get hands-on experience within the occupation. This gives them an opportunity to see what the career of nursing involves to know if they really want to go into this for a career.