Out of touch with reality?

Published 6:01 am Saturday, June 9, 2018

Do you ever feel out of touch with reality? I’ve felt that way several times in the past month as some actions I’ve witnessed make no sense to me. Without identifying specific companies, I’d like to share some actions that seem illogical or just plain stupid:

I received a bill from a utility company for one penny. Have you ever written a check for a penny? I sent my husband with a penny to pay the bill, and he came home with a receipt. I called the company and learned from a man named James that the late fee is $8.95.

I received a check from a health care provider for fourteen cents. That’s right, 14 cents. I’m using it as a book marker.

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Another health care provider sent me an email indicating that within a five-hour time frame, a representative would be coming to my home on June 17. That’s Father’s Day, and I’m hosting a meal for my son and grandson on that day. When I called to complain, the call center operator suggested July 4 as an alternate. What! We finally agreed on Sunday, July 1.

Two companies who have some public relations issues have decided to pay college tuition for employees. They have selected the colleges: the University of Florida, Brandon University, Bellevue University and Arizona State University. One of the companies, which now has a wage for new employees of $11 an hour, will only pay for those majoring in business or supply-chain management, and those using the service must pay one dollar a day. Why not raise wages and respect employees by consulting with them before implementing educational programs? Or is the college-assistance program just an attempt to court an audience that will not see the difficulties inherent in the plans?

A company is marketing a device to attach to high heels so that the wearer can walk in grass. Would any of my readers opt for flats or tennis shoes?

And another group hosted a fashion show in a cemetery. Walking on graves? In high heels, no less, wearing the contraption to make it easy? Put aside all the superstitions and know that as plain- speaking President Harry Truman would have said, “It’s disrespectful.” He might have added some profanity to his comment for those who pay attention only if admonitions are laced with language they understand.

Has common sense gone the way of the dinosaurs, or am I out of touch with the business world and the decisions they make at times?

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