Celebrate Pet Appreciation Week, June 4-11

Published 6:30 am Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Hobo the Wonder Dog can really get into this holiday and why wouldn’t he? Pet Appreciation Week is all about him, filled with belly rubs, extra special treats, longer walks, and more time spent with his best pal—me. The only bad thing about Pet Appreciation Week — it’s only seven days! Our pets love us unconditionally every day — all day, and they bring us so much joy and love. We really should appreciate our pets every day of the year. So, during this week lets show our pets something a little more special and reflect on what our pets mean to us.

Pet Appreciation Week is celebrating its 37th anniversary this year. The holiday was created by the American Veterinary Medical Association in 1981. I agree, there should be more than a special day for our pets, a month celebration usually gets lost — a week gives us time to pause and focus. How will you celebrate your pet this week?

Hobo the Wonder Dog always takes me to new heights — just last week he pulled me to the highest point in Kentucky on Black Mountain, elevation 4,145 feet. I search for a new park to explore, a new trail to trod, a new view to savor, because of my pal Hobo the Wonder Dog. Our pets get us up and moving, help lower our blood pressure, increase our exercise, and lighten our load of troubles.

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five tips for appreciation week success:

1. Extra time. You cannot go wrong with spending a little extra time in the park, on your walk, cuddling on the sofa, longer belly rubs, or playing catch in the yard. Extra time means extra love that both of you will enjoy. Change things up maybe a new park, new route, explore something new together.

2. Bake them a homemade batch of special treats or purchase from a dog bakery.

3. Invite your pup’s best pals over for a playdate. Puppy play dates are filled with lots of exercise, romps, and play that makes them feel appreciated and you will appreciate how hard they sleep afterwards. Keeping your dog well socialized is important to their quality of life.

4. Indulge with a spa day. Hobo the Wonder Dog already has an appointment at his spa and will enjoy being pampered at Fionna’s. Spa days can be simple and enjoyed at home where your pup will probably appreciate more—because they are spending time with you.

5. Go for a car ride in the park. This is one of Hobo’s favorite activities. Scenic drives in the park have low speed limits allowing Hobo to hang his head out the window to enjoy the smells. Last on our list of Hobo’s tips but certainly his favorite.

The best things in life are not necessarily the most expensive. Our pets certainly enjoy our time more than what money can buy. Unfortunately, for most of us time is our least available commodity. On the upside — spending time with our pets will be appreciated more than anything else we could give or do for our pets. If you do not have a pet maybe this is the time to consider adopting a pet from your local animal shelter or rescue. Pets include more than dogs, the right pet for you may be a cat, fish, horse, or bird. Do your research, search your heart, and find the best pet for you.

Pet Appreciation Week is June 4-1.

Life is better with a dog — woof!

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