APCC supports grandparents, relative caregivers

Published 9:28 am Monday, June 4, 2018

Sherri Taylor Hoskins tragically lost her teenage daughter, Afton, to a drunk driver in 2002. Since then, Hoskins has searched for a way to heal and to give back to the community that has given her so much.

“I wanted to give back to the home town that I love so much,” said Hoskins. “We have more grandparents raising grandchildren in our area. Sadly, when the demographics were pulled it is related to drugs.”

Hoskins, with the help of Registered Nurse and life coach Tammy Koke, opened the Appalachian Promise of Claiborne County (APCC) earlier this year.

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The purpose of APCC is to help support grandparents and relative caregivers in the community, as well as combat the drug issue of the area. While primarily focused in Claiborne County, APCC also extends care into Bell and Lee County.

Just some of the services the APCC provides consist of workplace services, roundtable and individual support groups, educational workshops, family advocacy, outreach assistance as well as free wellness checks and computer literacy workshops.

The children are also provided with tutoring and homework assistance. The roundtable discussions are, as Hoskins stated, where the APCC determines the needs of the grandparents and caregivers.

The APCC is furnished to be as inviting and comforting as possible so it doesn’t cause any unneeded stress.

The organization also hosts a Grandparents Night Out dinner. A free meal is provided for the grandparents, and the children can come and play with others.

“We are a hand up, not a hand out — that is our motto,” said Hoskins.

For more information regarding the APCC contact 423-259-8189 or apccclaiborne@gmail.com.