Meet Your Neighbor: Herman Lambdin

Published 9:03 am Friday, June 1, 2018

Tri-State Tire, located along U.S. 25E in Middlesboro, has been serving the community for just over 30 years under General Manager Herman Lambdin. Lambdin is officially retiring from his position and handing the reigns over to new ownership, who takes control on Monday.

The good news is Tri-State Tire is not going anywhere. The business will still be a Goodyear and the staff will be the same with the exception of Lambdin — who feels it is time to move on due to some health issues.

During an interview, Lambdin discussed his time serving the community at Tri-State Tire and what it’s like running a trusted business in a small community.

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Lambdin, a Middlesboro native, had recently left the mines as they were beginning to close down in 1986. He was given the chance to transfer out of the state but decided against it. He made that decision because he didn’t want to be away from his family.

Lambdin said he looked for what he felt the area needed at the time and moved on from there with Tri-State Tire. He co-owned the business with Bernie and Kevin Biscelgia, who he described as “perfect partners.”

Lambdin felt being a native of Middlesboro helped Tri-State Tire be successful for over 30 years.

“I think the biggest thing that helped me was just being from here. Everybody pretty much knows everybody,” he said. “I think that helped a lot. Word of mouth travels really fast in a small town. In a small town, word of mouth is your best advertising.”

Lambdin stated his favorite part of the job was how different it was from day to day.

“Every day is different. You work on one car, (and) the next day you work on the same vehicle or the same type of vehicle and the repair is totally different. It’s interesting,” he said.

Of all the hard work that went into his job, Lambdin said it was the people he would miss the most.

“A lot of them I’ve known ever since school. I’ll probably miss that the most,” Lambdin said. “I have enjoyed it. I’m not looking forward to retirement like some probably do.

“I don’t hate it, but I’d rather be coming over here in the morning. But when your health gets bad, you got to take care of yourself.”

Overall, Lambdin feels lucky to have been where he was for over 30 years. He ran a successful business doing work he enjoyed in his home town while being able to be with his family.