A matter of faith

Published 6:00 am Friday, May 25, 2018

I believe in miracles. I believe there is a Higher Power than us as mortals. I believe in Creator God who created the universe and set things in motion that include evolution.

The universe continues to expand. Some people use that as their opinion of scientific evidence that God doesn’t exist because the Bible only talks about His creation of this planet and the plants, animals and people that live here. I believe that God is still creating. There is nothing in the Bible that says He stopped.

Out of this faith is born my belief that God is still connected with human beings and established a bridge through His Son, Jesus Christ to be involved in the daily lives of man. Imagine that! The Creator of the Universe is still connected to human beings.

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I believe we are capable of so much more than we realize as human beings, if we would simply put our complete faith in God and in the promises of the Bible. There are parts of the brain with functions that scientists have not yet identified. I believe our genetic memories are stored there, but I also believe there are resources of faith in the brain that we have lost over the years.

I have heard personal eye witness accounts of healings and miracles that are phenomenal. They didn’t happen centuries ago only when Jesus was alive. They happened in decades past as well and are still taking place around the globe. God hasn’t changed, but I think we have.

I think we put our faith in money. We put our faith in education. We put our faith in medicine. We may even put our faith in ministers. All of that faith is misplaced. When our faith is absolutely and completely in God, there are no limits.

Jesus said, “With men, it is impossible, but with God, all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26)

This morning I was interviewing Boyd Coots for a book we are working on about plants and their uses. A few of his friends gathered and the stories went from plant knowledge to panther tales, and finally to miraculous stories of faith in which people were healed, found, raised from the dead, handled fire without being burned, and many other things.

Over the week-end I went to revival services in northern Kentucky where Pastor Tommy Bates included amazing stories of the miraculous in his lifetime, and testimonies of others he has known. As he shared his stories, I was reminded of stories I heard from my family as I grew up.

All of these stories motivated me to look up on the internet if there are documented miracles going on in modern times around the world. Yes, indeed there were. About 7,400,000 pages are dedicated to modern miracles. I only looked through a few of the sites, but I was very encouraged by the medically documented healings, and other supernatural miracles documented on these pages.

I started thinking about the differences between our ancestors in the old days who frequently saw miracles, whose faith was absolute that God’s Word is real, and the power of God was real to them. They expected to see miracles in times of dire need, and miracles happened. I had the thought this morning while listening to stories in a back corner of Dairy Queen that these accounts would make a wonderful book, Faith of Our Fathers. That quickly a book idea was born.

I’m not sure when I can start, or when I can finish. I’m not even sure if this is a topic that would appeal to individual readers, or be an encouragement to people, but I think I will have to try and see what comes in over the next few months. Whether a person gets to see a miracle or experience one themselves seems to be simply a matter of faith.

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