Time for a fuzzy friend

Published 1:25 pm Thursday, May 24, 2018

Stray animals are an ongoing issue for many communities, including Bell County. Cats and dogs in the streets can cause numerous issues. They rummage in trash, cause noise disturbances and put themselves and people at risk by walking in the streets.

For our feline friends, there are common issues they can cause if their population gets out of hand in a community. During mating season, stray cats tend to fight loudly and the also produce unpleasant scents. Strays can also pose a threat to domesticated pets and other wildlife.

In order to help stem the tide, the Bell County Animal Shelter is cutting the price of kitten adoption by half.

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For the entire month of June, the price for a kitten at the shelter will be $35. This fee comes with the spay or neuter, the first round of shots, and the veterinarian check.

June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month. The month of June wasn’t just chosen at random, either. It is, according to the ASPCA, the apex of kitten season.

Cats tend to increase in population in June due to breeding season. Due to this influx in breeding, shelters all across the country get inundated with strays — so much so adopting them all out is simply not possible and the shelters get overcrowded very quickly.

According to wildlife-removal.com, a stray or feral cat is classified as a pest because they tend to occupy public areas, fight and spray — all in large numbers as they tend to travel in packs.

For more information call the Bell County Animal Shelter at 606-337-6331.