Job hunting made easier

Published 9:35 am Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The search for a job is often a stressful event nobody wants to go through — especially since it can often take a very long time to see anything pan out.

The Bell-Whitley Community Action Agency is hosting its Job Club this week to help the community cultivate the skills to effectively navigate the job market. The goal for the Job Club is far all who attend to create a game plan for job hunting, learning self-marketing and interviewing skills. All attendees will receive job leads each week.

“Job Club is just like anything else…You get out of it by what you put into it,” said Briang Good of the Bell-Whitley CAA. “If you only show up one week out of the six, you are not going to fully benefit from what Job Club has to offer. If you attend each week, take notes, ask questions, actively engage in the conversation — you will have the possibility of a higher success rate.”

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“I have had several attendees that have put their best foot forward, and that has parlayed into state and city government jobs. Those people just needed the coaching from Job Club to motivate them and give them some confidence to get back out there and look for employment-the correct way.”

Talking points at Job Club are geared toward the eastern and southeastern Kentucky.

“We realize that we are not a metro area like Louisville, therefore our material relates to job seekers in our region,” said Good.

Good explained the importance of local agencies hosting events such as this for the community.

“It is important for agencies to host these events because we have several individuals that want to work, but they are not real sure how to go about searching for it,” Good said. “We have some older Job Club attendees that haven’t looked for work in 20 years because they were always employed. Most companies do not do paper applications anymore, and this frightens many of them. They are not sure how to apply or where to go online…We help with that. We can make appointments with them to visit our office, and we can assist them in applying for positions. Our younger generation of attendees often times blitz the internet with applications but never visit a business and shake a hand or drop off a resume. We see both extremes at Job Clubs. What we do is provide a game plan to help draw from both ends, and it offers you a much higher percentage of landing employment.“