Farmers market returns

Published 2:10 pm Thursday, May 10, 2018

Fresh local produce and handcrafted goods are on their way again to Downtown Middlesboro.

Last year, the Middlesboro Farmers Market opened up for business for the first time on Cumberland Avenue and they are set to open the doors again this weekend.

A farmers market offers the perfect opportunity for local farmers who grow all sorts of stuff to come and share their efforts with the community.

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Sometimes, a farmers market even boasts cheaper prices than supermarkets and the produce is local.

Not only will the Middlesboro Farmers Market provide produce, but also handcrafted goods by local artisans. Expect to find things such as hand made signs, birdhouses and other products.

One of the local farmers who set up shop at the market last year will be returning — Dempsey Miracle Jr.

Gardening is something that has always been in Miracle’s life, as he says his parents had green thumbs.

When he finally decided he wanted to give gardening a shot, Miracle got an old tractor, some equipment and started planting.

Miracle started with pumpkins about a decade ago and steadily expanded into corn, peppers, cabbage and various other vegetables. He runs his garden with a “small work force” that consists of his parents, wife and daughter.

“It’s a matter of pride and just the fact I know what people are getting. You keep hearing all this stuff on the news, every time you turn it on there’s a warning or a recall notice. It just spooks me…it makes me a little leery of stuff I don’t know the origins of…I don’t sell anything I won’t eat,” said Miracle.

The Middlesboro Farmers Market is set to open again on May 12 at 11 a.m. for the community to enjoy.