Middlesboro Daily News to partner with USPS for delivery

Published 8:00 am Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The Middlesboro Daily News subscribers will soon get their local news delivered right to their mailboxes.

Beginning June 1, all subscribers will receive their newspaper via the United States Post Office. Your newspaper will be placed in your mailbox at the same time your mail is delivered to your home. This will be same day service. For example, your Tuesday newspaper will be delivered to you on Tuesday. The same goes for all of our other publishing days.

For those who are not subscribers, the Daily News will still be available at both area businesses and in racks located throughout our delivery area.

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Circulation Manager Lisa Gray said utilizing USPS for delivery will be beneficial to the Daily News and our readers. “It will allow us to utilize more resources to improve our product.”

Daily News Publisher Rita Haldeman indicated that utilizing the USPS is a more efficient way of delivering the newspaper as postal carriers are already going to each and every home in Bell County. “This change will allow us to better serve our customers, maximize our resources to provide more local news coverage for the community and allow us to grow our readership. At this point it will not affect our subscription pricing.”

The Middlesboro Daily News will still be responsible for customer service tied to delivery. Subscribers are still asked to contact our office at 606-248-1010 if their newspaper does not arrive with their daily mail.

In addition to the print edition, the Daily News uploads our content to a web site and creates a daily e-edition. This can be accessed at middlesborodailynews.com. You also have access to our e-edition, which is a complete replica of the printed newspaper. Both of these digital offerings are a part of every home delivery subscription. There is no additional charge for this service.

“We are so appreciative of our readers and our advertisers and we will continue to make customer service and satisfaction our number one priority,” Haldeman said. “Here at the Daily News, we are committed to providing the very best in fair and accurate local news coverage and for providing a time-tested vehicle for our advertisers. These changes will allow us to better meet the ever-changing needs of the community we serve.”