KMLF Spotlight: ‘Labor of love’

Published 8:35 am Monday, April 30, 2018

Over the course of the Kentucky Mountain Laurel Festival Spotlight Series, various artists have shared their passion for their craft and what inspires them to create their unique art pieces and products. One commonality among these crafters is their use of material they find locally.

This holds true for Pam Price, the owner and operator of Beads, Dragons and Rainbows.

Price began her venture making jewelry in 1999, but has shifted to a wide variety of products over the years. She sews and specializes in blankets, pillows and pillow cases.

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“I re-purpose things to make bird feeders and bird houses. I am a fan of birds. I started with the fairy houses when I saw one on a garden show. I thought, ‘how can I put my own twist on this’ and I started gathering all kinds of natural things from the woods. This led to a great passion for fairies and all of the stories and myths about them. I think my houses and fairy furniture are unique. I love to see the little girls come to my booth and watch their faces light up as they look at all of the houses and fairies. I have my own favorites, but they are all so sweet. I try to make a house that represents the show or festival I am at, and that is a reminder of where I have been. So, with that being said I guess I am a fan of fantasy, or I like to think of it more as whimsy,” said Price.

When discussing about how labor intensive the crafting is, Price stated “intensive” isn’t part of her vocabulary.

“I love what I do, so I think of it is a labor of love,” she said.

This year will mark the first time Price will attend the KMLF and she is very excited and pleased to have the opportunity. Not only will she have a booth for her houses, but she will also have a second booth where she will be selling Bavarian cinnamon glazed nuts, a new venture of hers.