Meet the Staff: Lisa Gray

Published 2:03 pm Monday, April 23, 2018

Lisa Gray self-deprecatingly describes herself as “boring.” She has been with the Middlesboro Daily News on and off since 2001.

As a graduate of Bell County High School, Gray has a been an important part of the Daily News team since she first started. She moved to Indiana for a spell, and came back to Bell County where she planted her roots.

Despite labelling herself as boring, Gray enjoys the things many people do. She likes fishing, watching Netflix and spending time with her family and two dogs.

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Gray is the circulation manager for not only the Daily News, but its sister papers the Claiborne Progress and the Harlan Daily Enterprise. In many ways, the circulation manager is like a film director, pulling the strings from behind the scenes and making sure everything is where it needs to be in order for everything else to run smoothly.

Gray has to make sure people are receiving their paper on time on a daily basis and deals with customer payments as well.

“Once editorial gets done with the paper, it’s my job to make sure it hits the street,” she said.

Gray states that what she really enjoys about the job is the relationship she builds with the customers.

“You get to know these people. You don’t meet them, but you talk to them enough on the phone that you get to know them,” said Gray.

Gray is also a massive Kentucky Wildcats fan, she stated while pointing to Wildcat posters adorning her office walls.

Gray is currently engaged to her fiancé.