Earth Day is coming up

Published 6:04 pm Thursday, April 19, 2018

Bell and neighboring counties as well as the Appalachian region offers its community exciting natural splendor and important American history unique to the region. The Cumberland Gap National Park, Pine Mountain State Park and Wilderness Road State Park are all a stones through away from for anybody to enjoy. Hiking, kayaking, fishing, hunting and off road activities are all an attraction for locals and tourists alike.

One way for locals to show their pride in where they live is to celebrate Earth Day on April 22. Earth Day, according to their official website, is an annual, world wide event that has been in existence since 1970 — when information about the negative impact unregulated industrial practices came to light.

Smog and pollution was found to be highly dangerous and the growing concern from the public spurned government action. President Richard Nixon and Congress established the Environmental Protection Agency in July of 1970 as well as prominent documents such as the Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act.

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To celebrate Earth, you don’t need to march in Washington or meet politicians — simple actions can make just as much of a difference.

The website lists 25 ways a person can celebrate Earth Day. The first one includes cutting down on driving if you can. Walking, public transport, riding a bike or carpooling are the alternatives.

In today’s world of computers and smartphones, more and more daily things can be handled online. One such thing is paying your bills. Switching all of your bills from paper copies to e-bills can potentially save millions of trees a year.

If possible, making this switch can make paying bills that much more stress free, but it also helps a cause. Other things such as fixing leaking faucets, planting a tree or engaging in a recycling program can go a long way. Switching out your light bulbs to the newer, more environmentally friendly bulbs is a two-fold bonus, as it can also save you some money on your bill.

This is a just a small sampling of the areas a person can explore if they are interested in engaging in an Earth Day Celebration. For more information visit