Election registration deadline looms

Published 12:27 pm Thursday, April 12, 2018

This year holds big elections in Kentucky. The primary elections for the state of Kentucky are rapidly approaching, and the deadline to get registered is in two weeks. April 23 is the last day.

A handy overview of the guidelines for registering to vote was recently provided by WDRB.com.

The most stress-free way to get registered for most is to visit GoVoteKY.com but county clerks will still accept hard copy applications until 4 p.m. on April 23. Any mail-in applications need to be postmarked for that same date.

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A quick rundown of qualifications someone needs to meet in order to register and vote are: be a citizen of the U.S., be a Kentucky resident for at least 28 days before the election and be the age of 18 before the general election. A person must also not be a convicted felon. If a person was at one time convicted of a felony, they can vote only if they have had their civil rights reinstated in accordance with the law. A person must not be consider mentally incompetent in order to register and vote, and lastly, a person must not claim the right to vote outside the state of Kentucky.

When it comes to voting age, a voter who is 17 but will be 18 on or before the general election on Nov. 6 will be able to register for the primary.

If a voter has moved recently, they need to update their information by the April 23 date. This applies to moves from county-to-county as well.

If someone wishes to change their party affiliation, the deadline has already passed. The end date for affiliation change was Dec. 31 of last year. If someone neglected to change their affiliation, they may not be able to vote in the primary but can vote in the general election.