Adopt-a-Greyhound Month

Published 6:30 am Wednesday, April 11, 2018

April is the official Adopt-a-Greyhound month and Hobo the Wonder Dog and I had the pleasure of meeting a recent April greyhound adoptee named Kade. The beauty of adopting a dog is real to me and demonstrates a deepness within a person to feel compassion for animals less fortunate. Hobo was a difficult rescue and those challenges have made me a strong proponent of pet adoption. Our focus on Kade’s story is not about the good, the bad, and the ugly of dog racing but of the beauty of his adoption.

When Hobo and I first met Kade his towering size was a little intimidating to Hobo. Our pack has a super-sized Airedale terrier so, I was surprised when Hobo was unsettled at first introduction to Kade. We met at Hobo’s favorite dog bakery where they enjoyed a treat and greet before heading out for a walk. Hobo’s new friend is striking with his muscular body, soft coat, and gentle grace. Kade was a perfect gentleman and was seemingly unaware of his towering size—a gentle giant and pleasure to be around.

The greyhound is the only dog breed mentioned in the bible (Proverbs 30-31). Their likeness is carved into Egyptian tombs—obviously the breed has been around a long time. Because of the greyhound’s speed early colonial Americans used them to hunt crop destroying rabbits. President George Washington had a greyhound and many celebrities now advocate for their adoption. If you are considering a dog for adoption the greyhound might make a perfect pet for you. Greyhound’s are allergy friendly because of their low dander fur with no undercoat. The greyhound also has the reputation of no “dog-smell” because their skin produces less oils than typical dog breeds. They adapt to apartment living and are true couch potatoes—maybe a 45 miles per hour couch potato but none the less a low maintenance dog.

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Let’s celebrate Adopt-a-Greyhound Month this April by helping spread the word about this wonderful breed. Retired racing greyhounds are low energy, low maintenance, and might fit nicely into your life. I promise you, meeting one of these gentle giants will leave you intrigued and charmed beyond your imagination. Maybe you can celebrate by volunteering your time or donating to our local rescue group: Greyhound Rescue Foundation of Tennessee (

Hobo the Wonder Dog and I wish Kade all the best in his new forever home!

Life is better with a greyhound — woof!

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