Show love for your library

Published 2:48 pm Friday, April 6, 2018

National Library Week is recognized next week. Beginning April 9 and ending April 14, the Middlesboro Public Library and the Pineville Library will be hosting plenty of activities for families across Bell County to enjoy.

At the Middlesboro Library, there will be no fines for books returned all week. Some of the activities will include a scavenger hunt in the library. Those who enter and win will receive a prize. There will be coloring offered for those who just want to relax. There will be a large, themed poster titled “Build a Better World” available to color. Also, a Spine Poetry Contest will be held. Those who are interested will pick four or five books off of the sales cart with as similar an idea as they can find and stack the books to try and create a simple poem out of the words on the spines of the books. This particular activity will take place all throughout April, as this month is National Poetry Month.

On April 10, Middlesboro librarians Pam Blank and Michele Lawson will present the Retro Recipes and Local Lunch Counter/Restaurant Memories presentation at 11 a.m, in the Historical Room of the library. The purpose of this presentation is to explore a local collection of cookbooks published by churches and civic organizations. Participants are encouraged to pick a recipe for a salad or dessert, prepare and bring it in for critique on its success, failure and possible improvement. Also, a visual tour of Middlesboro eateries will be held to reminisce about past and present places to eat around town. In the afternoon, rock painting will be led by Megan Jeffrey.

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Wednesday is Patron Appreciation Day with refreshments provided. Wednesday is also National Bookmobile Day. The local Bookmobile will be in the new Food City parking lot from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Friday will bring about Family Friendly Movie Day, beginning at 10:30 a.m.

The Pineville Library will also be joining in with their own activities. On April 9, bring in canned foods to have some of your fines forgiven. Tuesday, bring in some pet food and also get some of your fines taken care of. Wednesday, they will also be celebrating Patron Appreciation Day with refreshments and prizes. A scavenger hunt will be held Thursday, and Thursday and Friday are also the Book Buffet. Patrons are invited to snatch a bag and cram as many books into it as possible. You can become the owner of as many books as you can carry for only $2.