Crater City Showdown

Published 10:00 am Friday, March 30, 2018

The Middlesboro Community Center will play host to a boxing extravaganza on Saturday when the Fist of Fire boxing team holds the Crater City Showdown. The event is set for a 4 p.m. start. Admission is $10 with children eight and under getting in free. The event is sanctioned by USA Boxing.

The fight card is set to have 28 bouts throughout the evening.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t expect this show to go like this. I started out with 33 bouts and that was pretty much too much. Now, I’m down to 28. That’s still a lot of fights for one night,” said Fist of Fire trainer Owen Beck. “When I registered this event, I registered 25 fights. Twenty-eight fights is a good number to go with. We’re talking kids for eight years old all the way up to the 30s.

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“I’m looking forward to having a good crowd — people to come out and see these kids. Most of these kids that people are getting ready to see are the ones who are competing on the national and international level.”

The last event the gym held was at Claiborne High School, which saw a decent crowd in its own right. Beck said he expects similar results for the event Saturday with hopes of starting the event on time.

“We’re starting on time. Everything is going to be on time,” said Beck. “The fights are already set. I put a lot more work into this by getting the match-ups early. So, when everybody comes in everything will run a bit smoother. (With) 28 fights, we want to get this show started on time.”

Bethany Farmer will be the lone local fighter on the card. She is currently the female middleweight golden gloves champion. She will be competing in South Carolina next month. If she wins there, she will move on to the nationals in Nebraska in May.

Beck said he expects big things from Farmer, who he refers to as one of the most dedicated boxers that he has.

“Bethany is a third-degree black belt in shaolin kung fu. I think she is working on her second or third master’s at LMU — where she is also a librarian,” said Beck. “She is an undefeated female boxer for Fist of Fire. She is going somewhere. She’s got great potential.

“At her age, it’s time to move her ahead. After she graduates this year and after the nationals, we’re looking at turning pro — take her to the next level so she can get a chance to fight for a world title.”

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