Several programs sponsored at Lone Jack

Published 3:59 am Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Courtesy of Lone Jack

The Lone Jack School Center FRYSC in collaboration with Ms. Christy Blevins from the Bell County Extension Office conducted a reading program with the preschool and kindergarten classes. Blevins read the book, ”Scrubba Dub, Carlos.” In correlation with the book, which the children loved, she did an activity with water, pepper and dishwashing liquid. She allowed the students to pour these ingredients into a small bowl. Then they were instructed to stick their fingers in the solution after the pepper was added and watch how it all separated. She taught them that this is how germs leave their hands when they do a thorough job of washing them well. Here, Dalton Grubbs, Bryleigh Ferguson and Marissa Grubbs (kindergarteners) intensely watch how the solution separated after the pepper was added.

The Lone Jack School Center FRYSC collaborated with Christy Blevins from the Bell County Extension Office to provide a program called My Plate for all first- through third-graders. The program focuses on teaching students the food groups and the amounts of food one is suppose to intake each day in order to stay healthy. Blevins conducted a game with the students, where they categorized foods into food groups. The students enjoyed learning about the food groups through the hands-on activities. Here, Jacob Jordan (third), Caleb Elkins (third), Trenton Edwards (third), Isaac Gambrel (second), and Payton Elliott (third) are ready to run as fast as they can to help their team win the game to categorize foods into food groups.

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The Lone Jack School Center FRYSC partners with Northstar Church of Knoxville, consistently throughout the year to ensure that students needs are met in order to help them be academically successful. NorthStar Church visited with the students at Lone Jack School Center in December and provided every child with a Christmas gift. They brought cookies for students to decorate, accompanied with drinks. They sang Christmas songs and played games to teach students that everyone is special in their own unique way. The students were so excited and fully involved from the time this all started until the very end, when they were begging for it to never end.

The Lone Jack School Center FRYSC collaborated with Christy Blevins from the Bell County Extension Office to offer a parent meeting. She presented information to the parents on “Healthy Choices for Everybody.” The program’s main topic was revolved around eating healthy. Blevins used bile tubes to demonstrate how much salt our bodies take in from certain foods. It was eye-opening to actually see the amounts our bodies take in. She also taught about the amounts of fats that are in foods.