Bell County — a reputation for live music

Published 3:00 pm Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Middlesboro, Pineville and Bell County continue to strive for excellence in regards to building community events and driving tourism to the area.

The coordination between Middlesboro and Pineville to team up and work on community events is moving forward with the formation of a live music committee.

Jon Grace, director of the Bell County Tourism Commission, stated at the Feb. 27 Bell County Tourism meeting that he has recently accepted a spot on a newly created Live Music Committee that also has Main Street Pineville’s Jacob Roan occupying a seat.

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“We’re trying to build this place to have a reputation for live music,” said Grace.

Grace noted that events from all kinds of local agencies such as Main Street Pineville and the various parks kept people busy during the fall and winter months. He also noted that the plan is to keep live music alive in Bell County from summer throughout the fall and winter.

Middlesboro will be kicking off its fourth Levitt AMP Music Series this summer, which has proven to be a a massive boon for not only Middlesboro, but the area in general. Pineville’s concert series will pick up in the fall and winter when the music in Middlesboro ends.

The committee is in place to help facilitate all of the live music the neighboring cities hope to feature.

Board member Becky Bowling stated that having live shows in the fall and winter is an excellent idea due to the local college crowd from Lincoln Memorial University. Grace added that LMU is a sponsor of the Levitt Series and that many students also volunteer for these events.