Bell Central, Right Fork win district middle School Governor’s Cup competitions

Published 6:48 pm Thursday, February 8, 2018

Bell Central School Center and Right Fork School Center won their respective district Governor’s Cup Competitions for middle grades.

In District 80, Bell Central was followed by Yellow Creek School Center in second, Frakes School Center in third and Middlesboro Middle School in fourth.

Following Right Fork in District 81 were Page School Center in second, Pineville middle in third and Lone Jack middle in fourth.

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Here are the results by District and assessment area:

District 80

Quick Recall, Bell Central, first; Yellow Creek, second; Frakes, third; and Middlesboro, fourth.

Future Problem Solving: Bell Central, first; and Yellow Creek, second.

Mathematics: Shelby Cornett, Bell Central, first; Heaven Maiden, Frakes, second; Sydney Abbott, Bell Central, third; and Aleeza Ahmad, Middlesboro, and Autumn Brock, Frakes, tie for fourth.

Science: Joe Goodin, Bell Central, first; Mackenzie Hollingsworth, Bell Central, second; Madilynn Jackson, Middlesboro, third; JJ Arno, Bell Central fourth; and Wiley Jones, Frakes, fifth.

Social Studies: Bub Treece, Bell Central, first; Anna Woods, Bell Central, second; Autumn Brock, Frakes, third; Keylee Emmett, Middlesboro, fourth; and Wyman Fisher, Bell Central, fifth.

Language Arts: Bub Treece, Bell Central, first; Wiley Jones, Frakes, second; Xander Neal, Middlesboro, third; Emily Barnett, Yellow Creek, fourth; and Anna Evans, Yellow Creek, fifth.

Arts and Humanities: Jordyn Ferguson, Middlesboro, and John Saylor, Bell Central, tie for first; Kallie Hatfield, Yellow Creek, third; Austin Robbins, Bell Central, fourth; and Morgan Lawson, Middlesboro, fifth.

Composition: Anna Evans, Yellow Creek, first; Anna Woods, Bell Central, second; Mackenzie Hollingsworth, Bell Central, third; Mikayla Gambrel, Bell Central, fourth; and McKenzie Powers, Frakes, fifth.

District 81

Quick Recall: Pineville, first; Right Fork, second; Page, third; and Lone Jack, fourth.

Future Problem Solving: Right Fork, first.

Mathematics: Toni Nierengarten, Pineville, first; Caden Miracle, page, second; Jordan Hall, page, third; Zarahan Latham, Lone Jack, fourth; and John Ross Baker, Right Fork, fifth.

Science: Gabriel Shipp, Pineville, first; Caden Miracle, Page, second; Rachel Runions, Page, third; Ray Eldridge, Right Fork, fourth; and Arbella Roy, Pineville, fifth.

Social Studies: Zarahan Latham, Lone Jack, first; Madison Widener, Page, second; Jordan Johnson, Page, third; John Ross Baker, Right Fork, fourth; and Mark Lingar, Lone Jack, fifth.

Language Arts: Lacey Sexton, Right Fork, first; Bree-Anne Greene, Page, Whitney Sexton, Right Fork, and Toni Nierengarten, Pineville, tie for second; and Evan Robbins, Pineville, fifth.

Arts and Humanities: Evan Robbins, Pineville, first; Ray Eldridge, Right Fork, second; Hannah Osan, Pineville, third; Brooke Sanders, Page fourth; and Sara Saylor, Page, fifth.

Composition: Tristen Strunk, Right Fork, first; Zoey Bailey, Lone Jack, second; Eli Roark, Page, third; Madelyn Miracle, Page, fourth; and Holly Akers, Lone Jack, fifth.