Get registered, get voting

Published 8:26 am Friday, February 2, 2018

As election season inches closer, it is important to spread to the word on how to vote for those who have never done it before and are looking to engage in their community and their government. Voting is how society makes its voice heard all the way from the county level to the state and federal level.

Voting registration varies from state to state, so the information in this article is only pertinent to the citizens of Kentucky. The last day to register to vote in the May 22 primary election is April 23.

First, the basics on who is eligible to vote must be established. A person must be a citizen of the United States to register and for Kentucky, you must have residency in the state for a minimum of 28 days and be at least 18 years of age. You also have to be classified as mentally competent and have not any voter’s rights previously taken away. If you are a convicted felon, you are not able to vote unless your civil rights have been granted back to you.

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In keeping with today’s heavy use of technology to make life more convenient, you can register to vote online by visiting

You can mail in your registration by filling out the mail-in registration card you can print from online or pick up at the local county clerk’s office. You can also register in person at the county clerk’s office or at the local driver’s license office. Other government offices that you may go to in order to register are any offices that offer WIC, food stamps, K-TAP and Medicaid. For those in the military, recruitment offices provide registration and some high schools as well for faculty and staff.

In Kentucky, absentee voting is available for those are ill, disabled, very elderly, an overseas citizen, a student who is temporarily living in a different county, are military personnel, etc.

Also, you must have your license or another valid form of ID with you to register. Having all of the proper identification and knowledge is the easiest and quickest way to get registered to vote and be heard.

For more information on how to vote, visit