Flu now at epidemic levels in Ky.

Published 1:40 pm Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The flu season is still going strong in Kentucky. Experts say this season’s flu vaccine has been largely ineffective against the H3N2 strain. This has only added to the concern about the severity of this current flu season.

A recent article by the Lexington Herald Leader states that the flu has reached epidemic levels in the state of the Kentucky. As stated in the article, more cases of the flu increases chances of spreading the flu in your daily life. You can even pass the flu onto others a day before your symptoms start to manifest.

Kentucky has so far had 65 flu related death this season — and not all of the deaths were of the very young or very old. Seven percent of the deaths reported were of usually healthy people who were not considered at risk for contracting the flu. Although it is common knowledge very young children and the elderly are at the highest risk for the flu and the sometimes life-threatening complications it can bring, even healthy people can miss up to a week or more of work or school with the flu.

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The article continues to state that the complications of the flu such as pneumonia, bacterial bloodstream infections, sepsis are the major detriment to even healthy people with the flu.

The severity of the flu outbreak, according to an article published on wymt.com, has also resulted in some hospitals in the state restricting visiting hours. No child under the age of 12 is allowed to visit at either King’s Daughters Medical Center or Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital. On top of this restriction, no more than two people are allowed to visit in a room at a time and nobody with flu-like symptoms is allowed to visit either.

Experts still state that despite the vaccine not being as effective this season, it is still the best option for not contracting the illness. Also, everyday cleanliness such as washing your hands is a great step in making sure you don’t get sick. It is still unknown if the flu has peaked this season or not.

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