Local organizations team up

Published 10:54 am Thursday, January 25, 2018

Middlesboro and Pineville organizations have decided to link up to provide better and more varied events for the citizens of Bell County.

Bell County Tourism, Discover Downtown Middlesboro, Main Street Pineville and the Chamber of Commerce are looking ahead to the future of Bell County by organizing ways to join forces on local events.

Jon Grace, Bell County’s Tourism Director, addressed the board on the Jan. 23 meeting about this much desired team-up.

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“We were talking about how important it is for us that we coordinate our events together and do events together…it’s good the public sees that all of us are working together…the important thing is that we aren’t crossing over (events),” said Grace.

The first event this partnership between towns will produce is a concert and chili cook-off on March 3. DDM will handle the concert aspect of the event while Main Street Pineville will organize the chili cook-off side.

The cook-0ff and concert will take place in downtown Pineville right in the city square. The cook-off will function much like the annual Wing Fling Middlesboro puts on every year. The competition is team based and a price will awarded to the winners.

“We’re hoping to go back and forth between Middlesboro and Pineville with these events with all four organizations working hand in hand,” said Grace.

The concert will feature Blues musician Eric Tessmer — who will perform at the Bell Theater at 8 p.m. Tickets are $15.

“The new partnership between Main Street Pineville, Discover Downtown Middlesboro, the Bell County Tourism Commission and Bell County Chamber of Commerce is an effort by all organizations to reach across city lines and involve all of Bell County in our efforts to create a better sense of place for the citizens. The unique events we will plan over the next year will be created to involve all members of the community. Together, our organizations can reach a higher goal of which we could not accomplish alone,” said Jacob Roan, of Main Street Pineville.