School lists

Published 11:11 am Tuesday, January 23, 2018

J. Frank White Academy (JFWA), located on the campus of Lincoln Memorial University (LMU), has announced the honor roll for the second nine weeks:

Students receiving High Honors (all As) include fourth graders Elija Johnson (Tazewell, Tennessee) and Samuel Wright (Tazewell, Tennessee); fifth graders Marley Caldwell (LaFollette, Tennessee), Ellie Lintelman-Nader (Harrogate, Tennessee), and Avery Thompson (Tazewell, Tennessee); six graders Grayson DeBusk (Tazewell, Tennessee), Alisha Snodgrass (Harrogate, Tennessee) and Jeremiah Williamson (Harrogate, Tennessee); seventh graders Sarah Bradley (New Tazewell, Tennessee), Lexi Brock (Harrogate, Tennessee), Elizabeth Cooper (Harrogate, Tennessee) and Oliver Cowan (Rose Hill, Virginia); eighth graders Jeremiah Irvin (Harrogate, Tennessee) and Makayla Leake (Tazewell, Tennessee); ninth graders Dallas Boger (New Tazewell), Presley Cole (New Tazewell, Tennessee), Victoria Fitzovich (Tazewell, Tennessee), Daniel Gao (Tazewell, Tennessee) and Olivia Nichols (Tazewell, Tennessee); 10th graders Dustin Daniels (Harrogate, Tennessee), Jadon Hopkins (Tazewell, Tennessee), Nicholas Lockhart (New Tazewell, Tennessee), Tameka Lowe (Harrogate, Tennessee), Alan Luc (Middlesboro, Kentucky) and Simon Strickland (Cumberland Gap, Tennessee); 11th graders Jayden Fisher (New Tazewell, Tennessee), Alaina Graham (Harrogate, Tennessee) and Bailey Patton (Harrogate, Tennessee); and 12th graders Bailey Brewer (Harrogate, Tennessee), Isaac Duncan (Tazewell, Tennessee), Rachel Harville (Tazewell, Tennessee), Nicole Hasson (Sharps Chapel, Tennessee), Shayla Poynter (LaFollette, Tennessee), Nolan Pratt (New Tazewell, Tennessee), Olivia Robertson (Harrogate, Tennessee) and Alexander Wright (Cumberland Gap, Tennessee).

Students receiving Honors (all As and one B) include fifth grader Evalyn Owens (Ewing, Virginia); seventh grader Steven Lintelman-Nader (Harrogate, Tennessee); eighth graders Connor Foster (Jacksboro, Tennessee), Nicholas Irvin (Harrogate, Tennessee) and Laylo Usmonova (Harrogate, Tennessee); ninth graders Carson Daniels (Tazewell, Tennessee), Abigail Garner (LaFollette, Tennessee), Mackenzie Graham (Harrogate, Tennessee), Haylea Helton (Tazewell, Tennessee), Kirsten Keith (New Tazewell, Tennessee) and Hunter Whitaker (Cumberland Gap, Tennessee); 10th graders Beraya Piercy (New Tazewell, Tennessee) and Justin Poland (Harrogate, Tennessee); 11th graders William DeBusk (Tazewell, Tennessee), Jacob Melton (Middlesboro, Kentucky), Rose Mountain (New Tazewell, Tennessee), Enik Rogers (LaFollette, Tennessee) and Maximilian Slowinski (Harrogate, Tennessee); and 12th grader Christina Bradley (Harrogate, Tennessee).

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