Hobo’s cold weather survival tips

Published 6:30 am Monday, January 8, 2018

Hobo the Wonder Dog and I love the winter season filled with it’s cold nights with its crisp air—and snow! Hobo the Wonder Dog never complains and he doesn’t seem to mind our outings even on the coldest and wettest of days. Many of us are well aware of the dangers our pets face in hot weather, but what about the hazards cold weather brings to our four-legged family members. Hobo trust me to make the best decisions and his happiness and well-being hang on me making the right choices. Hobo’s Cold Weather Survival Tips will help you navigate the dangers of cold weather while offering suggestions for enjoying winter with your pet.

Chips and identification: Winter weather snow and ice can present challenges for our pets to recognize landmarks and scents that otherwise help them find their way home. Make sure your pet’s identification tag and microchip information is updated and working properly.

Hot and cold cars: We know automobiles can become mini ovens quickly in hot weather posing serious injury and even death during the summer months. Solar energy in cold months can cause an automobile to become too hot for your pet. It is never safe to leave Fido in an automobile unattended.

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Paw protection: I use and highly recommend Musher’s Secret to protect Hobo’s paws throughout the year—but I strongly advocate its use during the winter months. Musher’s Secret conditions paws and prevents ice and snow build-up. Musher’s also protects paws from chemicals used to de-ice sidewalks that can cause injury. Musher’s Secret is a must-have product for Hobo and all our dogs. Learn more www.musherssecret.net

Dress appropriately: I recommend if you are taking your dog out into extreme cold, wet, snow, and Icey conditions dress your dog appropriately. Our dogs have coats to protect them from rain, snow, and cold. We use Musher’s Secret for pad protection from the elements natural or man-made. A properly dressed dog enjoys their time outside while keeping them safe and dry.

Healthy weight: I have heard a little extra weight on a dog during the winter helps them keep warm. Extra weight is never a good idea the health risk do not outweigh any benefit. However, cold weather does cause us to burn extra calories to keep warm so adjust and monitor your pet’s caloric intake.

Cold weather is here and we love the opportunity to revisit destinations of summer. Every season offers a new perspective—new experiences; like the seasons of our lives they are ever changing offering us new adventures to enrich our lives. Hobo the Wonder Dog encourages you to enjoy the winter season. Be wise—be safe and we will see you on the streets and trails this winter.

Winter is better with a dog — woolf!

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